This week, I made a minor step that felt as the end of an era. Recently, I switched jobs. With my former employer, I agreed to retain my laptop and phone in case they wanted to hire my services . Last week, I returned them, which made me feel strangely liberated.

My former job was as a project manager at a web agency. The projects themselves were not particularly stressful, but I did not agree with a number of decisions that my supervisors made. That is not too bad, but I felt that my projects were being negatively impacted by said decisions. That caused some frustration and stress among myself and my team. In the end I left, along with some others. I drafted a huge blog post to write down my motivations, but I never published it. The memories were too fresh.

My former employers and me parted ways in a gentlemanly manner. If my former employer wanted me to help them out in any way, they could contact me. I agreed to periodically monitor my old email address and my work phone was on.

I loved being kept in the loop. It was good to see how my projects were handled in my absence and that the stakeholders were satisfied. That being said, my former projects slowly slipped away from my attention. After all, I am involved in new projects with new stakeholders now.

This week, I finally returned my gear. It felt liberating. Returning my former work laptop and phone meant a certain closure.

Homever, in my mind, a more important ending is that the ties with my former employer are gone now. We did not break them in a forceful way. We had a friendly, if somewhat casual talk. They can (and probably will) contact me as they like, but there is nothing any more that binds us to each other.

Not only did I finish the final chapter of my work at my former employers, the appendixes haves been completed as well. Barring a sequel (which is unlikely), this episode is done now. I am at peace.