I have yet to find a truly interesting blog on Running. Sure, there are many blogs with training tips. There are plenty so-called self help websites that urge people to go on a run. However, a blog on what it actually means to be a Runner is apparently hard to find. Most running-related websites see running as a tool, not as a goal in itself.


I used to be pretty fanatical when it came to running. I did some serious training and even used a heart rate monitor. Additionally, I started a second sport, if only to train my upper body. I wanted to get faster and I even made it into the top 10 of a half marathon once. Mind you, there were about 50 participants or so, but still, I felt pretty good about myself. One day, it just stopped. I found that getting faster and faster did not improve my life. Not only that, not improving speed was demotivating. Somewhere along the way, the very thing I considered to be my main hobby, had become a chore. It is not as if I did not want to run anymore, but it somehow had lost its luster.


So what is my motivation to go on a run, apart from the activity itself? My main motivation is meditation. The best ideas I had popped into my head while running. I wrote poems in my head, solved difficult programming problems or just thought about nothing and merely enjoyed the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement. I dealt with conflict situations. learnt to cope with the loss of loved ones, and generally turned my mental fatigue into a more manageable physical fatigue.

Being a Runner

My idea of fun is to move by foot at a fast pace for a certain amount of time or a certain distance. Regularly. I have done this for 14 years and I intend to keep doing this for another 50 or more. This activity is important to me. Important enough to keep a log and important enough to write about in order to share with anybody who would like to read it. It makes me tick. In several ways, running -or rather being a Runner- has become an integral part of my very identity.

Repeat after me:

getting faster is not the same as self-improvement.

Why you Should Eat Bananas Times Five

Most running-related blogs I read totally miss that point and only seem to copy the magazines. Their content seems to be entirely about losing weight or getting faster than your friends or keeping schedules. Frankly, there isn’t that much to be told about the activity itself. I have had a subscription to one of the main magazines for athletes, and I have seen the main topics several times. After reading the fifth article on why you should eat bananas, I cancelled my subscription.

I did try to follow some resources on running, but I quit. I am not that kind of runner.